Vietnamese martial arts finds way into foreign hearts

Foreign contestants at the Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts Festival 2010 impressed the audience with their striking performances. Despite the fact that they are not Vietnamese, they display a passion for Vietnam’s traditional martial arts. The foreign contestants practice just as hard as the Vietnamese do. They eat Vietnamese food, for only those who could live the Vietnamese way are able to understand the philosophical lessons lying deep within this particular type of martial art.

Martial art master V.S. Ruggero, from Binh Dinh Sa Long Cuong School, Italy, shared, “From the moment I watched a Vietnamese martial arts performance, I immediately fell in love with it. Since then, I have pursued it. I had previously learned different types of martial arts, but nothing is like this, plus, Vietnamese martial arts help me to to keep fit better than other types.”

Makalou Lemba, a Malinese participant said, “Vietnamese martial arts uses a lot more weapons and combat techniques than any other type and I really like that. Through it, I’ve discovered that many Vietnamese cultural and lifestyle characteristics are similar to those of Mali.”

Many foreign learners practice Vietnamese martial arts for years and are even able to understand all of its quintessence. Habib Demir, from France, said, “I’ve learned Vietnamese traditional martial arts for 30 years now. The more I practice it, the more lessons I learn about life and martial abilities that are often not present in other types of martial arts. My grandfather had three times attended the Vietnamese traditional martial arts festival, and he was very impressed each and every time.”
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The Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts Festival is currently being held for the third time. Over the past few days, people from all over Binh Dinh have come to witness this special event.

This year’s festival saw a significant increase in the number of foreign martial arts delegations. Contestants are reported to have come from over 30 countries and territories with more than 1,000 martial arts masters and trainees attending the event in total.

It is clear to see that Vietnamese martial arts has spread to different corners of the world. Organisers hope that in the near future, it will be recognised as an official sport at international martial arts tournaments.Thiết kế không tên (1)


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