Inflated egos popped in premier of ‘Shanghai’

Actress Ly Nha Ky and super model Vu Thu Phuong disappointed Vietnamese audiences after inflating their image and roles in the movie “Shanghai”. Media and fans were under the impression that these women had major roles in the Hollywood movie which recently premiered in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the movie, Ky and Phuong appear only as extras in the background, dancing during an action scene. They appeared in the movie for only few seconds. No dialogue, no character, no part.

Despite their claims of the demanding circumstances to “act” in a film, there were no moments which required any training, skill or expertise, contradicting what they had announced to the media before the release.

Their presence in the film could easily be missed if one weren’t paying close attention and if you blink at the wrong time, you might miss them entirely.

After the premiere of “Shanghai” on July 15, one viewer said, “I thought only their back or their legs or their hands would be shown in the movie, but it turns out we can see the face of our Vietnamese actresses. We can be proud! It’s an honour to play in a Hollywood film, even if it’s just as the role of an extra or a corpse.”

Nonetheless, these two beauties completely over-exaggerated their role in the film. They are one of the first-ever Vietnamese actresses to perform in a Hollywood film but their roles were extremely limited while being over-hyped to Vietnamese media.

Before heading to a film studio in Thailand, Phuong proudly told media, “I will play a spy who disguises as a beautiful Chinese model. Mainland China’s Gong Li and I will act together all along the movie. There will be dangerous filming scenes but I do not need a stunt double. I will perform all stunts by myself.”

As for Ly Nha Ky, after finishing her performance, she held a press conference to talk about her demanding role in the American movie. She said that she had to prepare and work very hard for this role, learning communication and acting skills. She said that her difficult role required her on set from 6am to midnight for 13 days. She also added that she got treated for psychological damage caused by an explosion. She was injured due to a piece of firecracker that hit her eyes.
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